Saturday, October 16, 2010

October News

Greetings from Bum Covered Diapers!  As the seasons change, we at
Bum Covered Diapers are lookingforward to both the Christmas
season and the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt!Things to note of
importance during the month of October:

Deals: ·Free shipping for all orders over $30 until the end of October.
·We’ll be launching our cloth diaper trial packages in the last week
of October, and the $15.00 rental fee will be half-price until November
20th ($7.99 non-refundable rental fee + deposit that will be refunded if
you decide to return the diapers at the end of your trial)

·Cloth Diaper Trial packages: check out an article coming soon on our
blog for more information( )
·Great Cloth Diaper Hunt: We will be a sponsor of the GCDH this year,
and we’ll be offering specialdiscounts and giveaways throughout the
month of November in conjunction with the hunt. Don’t know what
GCDH is? It’s a huge online scavenger hunt, where you can win a lot of
neat prizes and see many neat WAHM businesses.
Check out and click on the link for
the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt to find more information. Registration
for hunters opened Friday, and the hunt starts November 1st.

Giveaways: Current giveaways slated:
October 23rd: AppleCheeks bundle at the blog for Chubby
Cheeks Thinks (
November/December: Wet/Dry bag at It’s Me Melbie
( .
Lots of giveaways on our Facebook page during the
month of November as well.

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