Friday, June 3, 2011

An Inside Look at BCD

It's been awhile since my last post, so it seems fitting to give a little biography that will partly explain my infrequent appearances.  Here is an inside look at some of the people behind the scenes at Bum Covered Diapers.


I, Melissa, am the author of every post on the blog to this date.  I am a former middle/high school mathematics teacher and now am in the midst of a PhD program in mathematics education.  My goal after completing my degree is to become a professor of mathematics education, and to help share my knowledge and passion for teaching mathematics.  My school and research work keeps me fairly busy, but I can always find time for my other addictions--cloth diapers and sewing! 


Justin is my co-conspirator, who takes care of a lot of the business behind maintaining our web site and keeping all licensing and tax documents current.  He won't claim to know much about our diapering products, but I say he should be an expert after helping to diaper our daughter :)


Morgan is my little 2-1/2 year-old helper, who loves to help Mommy sort and pack orders.  She also likes to help paint the base coat on orders for custom letters.  If you have ordered a set of letters for your little one, you should know how much love, care, and enjoyment this girl puts into painting that base layer!
Morgan has been a cloth baby since she was born (although we started with a mix of sposies and cloth for the first few months) and she, along with her cousin, has tested every product we sell.  She's now into trainers, so you can expect to see a growing selection of training pants as we find more brands that we like. 


Grandma Jane makes the terrycloth bibs, receiving blankets, and quilts for our store.  She sews sports uniforms for her "other" job, so you can be sure these items are sewn by someone who is very experienced with a sewing machine.  All of our handmade items are guaranteed to be high quality and will become favorites of everyone in your family.  Jane can make custom name bibs as well!


Grandma Arlene makes several handmade items as well, but only the lovie blankets are for sale online.  If you're ever in Iowa, stop by Bradley Hall to check out her cute tag balls and blankets!  A selection of all our other handmade merchandise, as well as diapers, can be found there too.  Arlene is retired and uses her free time to visit and spoil her only grandchild :)