Friday, April 20, 2012

The Preemie Project: It's for the Babies!

 During the month of April we're celebrating Earth Month in a special way:  for every two reusable diapers purchased at Bum Covered Diapers this month we're donating a reusable diaper to families in need.  That's right, when you buy a couple of diapers to cover your own baby's bum you're indirectly helping to cover another little bum with a reusable diaper.  What better way to save the Earth and help babies and their parents in this area than to donate diapers to the Preemie Project! 

I thought it was fitting to write a spotlight article about this amazing organization in the Iowa City area so that our customers would know exactly where the BCD diaper donation was going. 


Their mission statement:  "The Preemie Project seeks to provide comfort and support to critically ill infants and their families in the Newborn Intensive Care Units in Iowa.  We achieve our mission through the support of a devoted group of local and national volunteers."  (Taken from

The support this amazing project gives takes many forms:  hats, booties, and blankets for all the tiny new babies in the NICU to give warmth and comfort to preterm and critically ill infants and their families; blanket sleepers are given to every baby before they go home, and the nurses use them as a tool to teach safe sleeping practices recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (; family support (this is where we come in!); and bereavement and memory boxes for those babies whose life here on Earth have already ended.

  Because all of these amazing programs run through the work and donations of volunteers, they appreciate all the help they can get!  There are several ways to help the Preemie Project. If you're feeling crafty, you might want to try your hand at knitting hats or booties or sewing a few blankets or sleepers for the babies.  The Preemie Project takes donations and also holds weekend workdays to make items for the babies.  Their website shows a variety of useful patterns and guidelines for making your hand-created donations.    

The family support program has different needs because they prepare to equip needy families who have to worry about extended hospital stays, traveling expenses, and then extra cost incurred as they bring their preemie babies home.  Here's a list of items for donation to this support program (and yes, diapers are one of the items!):

The Preemie Project also holds fundraisers to earn money to buy fabric, yarn, and other supplies.  If you can't donate your creative talents, money, or other items, maybe you have time to help them at a fundraiser.  

For more information about crafting guidelines, to sign up for their newsletter, or to find out about upcoming donation events, contact them at

More about the Reusable Diapers
Here's how Bum Covered Diapers' donation will work:  At the end of April we'll tally the total number of diapers sold to determine the number of diapers donated.  We'll consult with Linda to determine the greatest need (most likely preemie, newborn, or onesize diapers along with some information for how to use and care for them).  The more diaper sales we see this month, the more we'll donate to the project (more specifically the family support program for needy families)...simple as that!  We'll give some updates on our facebook page as the month continues, so stay tuned and remember "It's for the babies!"