Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bum Genius

Our Bum Genius products are here! I'm currently updating the web site to show our new products, so check back Sunday or Monday to see what we have. Also, stay tuned for details on the sale we'll be running in January.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


There is a contest going on right now, and you just might win! If you have a cloth diapering blooper to share, go to Coupon Mom of 2's blog and post about it.

( Because Shannon is celebrating over 100 followers, she is going to give a $25 giftcard to our store ( to the best story. We at Bum Covered Diapers are going to judge the entries and help pick the winner. You have until Dec. 31st to become a follower of Shannon's blog and post your entry, so go check it out now!
By the way...even if you don't have diapering stories to share, you should still check out this blog! She has amazing reviews, coupon tips, and giveaways posted all the time!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Black Friday Deals

It's that time of year again! Christmas is definitely one of our favorite holidays, and we're offering some CRAZY deals to show our holiday cheer. We will be offering free shipping on all orders before December 1st, as well as other discounts throughout our web store! Some great deals will be available only on Black Friday, Nov. 27. Check out our web site that day for all the sales, but I'll give a sneak preview in this blog comment today.

-40% off one item of your choice (given by Paypal refund--just leave an order comment about which item you would like this discount. Sorry, the quilts are excluded from this offer.)
-All tutus $6.00! (Check out the pictures on the web site that will be up in time for this sale!)
-free gift with purchase for the first 10 customers of the day
-5-20% discounts on select diapers and accessories

Also, don't forget about our photo contest! You have until November 30th to submit a photo entry of your little cutie!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Inventory

Bum Covered Diapers will soon be expanding our inventory. We are currently in the process of adding more brands to our diaper selection, and we would love to hear from you! Which new diaper brands would you love to see on our site? Is there any other product you wish we would carry?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cloth Cuties

Our first photo contest is here! Submit your favorite pictures of your children modeling any of our products (diapers, bib, blankets, tutus, etc.), and your cutie could win a cash prize, as well as a spot in a new photo collage at Bradley Hall and in our photo gallery online! Submit your photo by emailing it to or between now and November 30, 2009. By submitting your photo, you are giving your consent to display your image at Bradley Hall and/or in a gallery on our web site.

During the week of December 1-7, you may vote for your favorite by emailing us or commenting on this post! Baby #1 is the little boy pictured above, and baby 2 is the little girl pictured right below (or to the right depending on how this post looks on your screen)! Only one vote per person, please! We'll post the entries on our web site and our blog, as well as displaying them at Bradley Hall.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Morgan's Birthday Sale

Our daughter turns 1 this month, and to celebrate we are offering several deals at! For all of September you can enjoy savings on the following:

  • Free shipping on all online orders
  • Buy three Knickernappies pocket diapers, get the 4th for $11.00
  • Knickernappies OneSize diapers 5% off
  • Applecheeks products are 5% off
  • bibs or receiving blankets 3 for $25

Also, the first 10 orders in September will receive a FREE GIFT!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Knickernappies Make the News

Check out this article about the owners of Knickernappies! It gives good information about using cloth diapers and a side story about this family from Oregon.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cloth Diapering 101: Types of Diapers

There are many styles of cloth diapers available, and the purpose of this post is to familiarize you with some of the basic types of diapers, as well as comparing/contrasting some different options.

The very most basic type of diaper looks like what our mothers and grandmothers used on us. It is called a prefold, and is fastened into place with diaper pins or a Snappi. The Snappi is a pinless fastener, that is T-shaped with grips on each end. They come in many colors, and are a easy, safer way to diaper your baby using a prefold diaper. Prefolds do require a waterproof cover, which are available through many companies, such as Thirsties and Bummis. The prefold method of diapering is the most economical option.

The next type of diaper to discuss is the fitted diaper. Fitted diapers are usually made out of a very soft, breathable material. They fasten with velcro or snaps instead of pins or Snappis. These diapers are easier to use than the prefolds, but they also require a cover. Also, doublers (1 extra layer) or inserts (multiple layers of absorbency) may be laid inside the diaper for extra absorbency. Because of the extra layers with the cover and inserts, prefolds and fitteds tend to be bulkier.

If you're looking for a diaper that is easier to use and less bulky, all-in-ones (AIOs), pocket diapers, or OneSize diapers are for you.
The AIOs are the closest thing to a disposables and are EASY to use. AIOs come with an insert sewn into the diaper and are fastened with velcro or snaps. No extra work is required before or after using the diaper. They work just like a disposable except for the washing part. There is usually a pocket to place additional inserts for more absorbency, however.
Pocket diapers are almost as easy as the AIOs, but they do not come with an insert sewn in. There will be a pocket (hence the name "pocket diaper") where you may stuff inserts as needed. AIOS and pocket diapers are easy to use, but they come with more cost.
If you are looking for a more economical pocket diaper, look for the OneSize diapers. These diapers are pocket diapers that are adjustable to fit your baby all the way from birth to potty training. Instead of buying bigger diapers as your baby gets bigger, you just have to adjust the snaps to a bigger size. Buying a stash of 15-20 OneSize diapers might be all you need to diaper your baby.

There are varied versions of these diapers available at many stores around the United States and online. Our store ( currently carries pocket diapers and OneSize diapers. As our business grows we hope to expand and carry all other types as well. If there is a certain type of diaper or brand that you wish we carried, let us know! We'll do our best to have some available as soon as possible.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why Use Cloth

We started using cloth diapers when Morgan was about a month old. It took awhile for us to quit using a mix of disposables in addition to the cloth, but now I am proud to say that Morgan is a completely cloth girl except on extreme occasions (for instance, when our washer broke a few weeks ago and we had to go a few days without washing clothes). There are a number of reasons why we use cloth diapers, but the biggest two are saving money and saving the environment. I have been asked several times about the mess with cloth diapers. This post is meant to answer questions I have fielded about my experience with cloth. Let me tell you, it's a totally different experience than my mother's cloth diapers! Here are some good reasons to try cloth:

1) They are WAY DIFFERENT than the cloth diapers my mom used with me. There aren't any pins to hold them together, no leaky plastic pants, no soaking buckets for used diapers, and NO MORE MESS THAN DISPOSABLES! The only difference between disposables and cloth is what you do with the soiled diapers. Instead of throwing them in your diaper genie, you throw cloth ones in a diaper pail that is meant for the washing machine. Then you wash them and use them again, over and over. (I just use a standard trash can with a pail liner inside--FYI, Knickernappies doorknob diaper pails can also work to line a trash can.)

2) It saves A LOT of money! We figured we could save as much as $2000 per kid by using cloth diapers. In today's rough economy situation, everyone could use a little extra change in the bank.

3) It saves the environment. Did you know United States consumers throw away about 27.4 billion diapers per year, and each diaper will take at least 200-250 years to decompose?

4) They are CUTE! Cloth diapers today come in several brands with several colors. They look so adorable, you'll want to let your baby's diaper show every day!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Grand Opening Sale

Bum Covered Diapers is excited to announce it's grand opening online! To celebrate, we are bringing some extra savings for our customers, as well as a giveaway! From August 10-September 10, we will have FREE SHIPPING. Just select the "Free Shipping" option when you go through the checkout. Also, we will be giving away a tutu, a package of Bum Covered Wipes, and a bib. Here's how to win:
(You are only required to do 1 of these things, but every thing you do gives you another chance to win.)

1. Post about the giveaway on your blog and comment below this post with a link to your post.
2. Post about the giveaway on your Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter and comment below with a link to your post.
3. Every purchase you make at gives you another chance to win.

The giveaway winners will be posted here and on our web site on September 11, 2009.

Friday, August 7, 2009

First Post

This blog will soon become the best place to check for diapering tips, FAQs, etc., as well as discount codes for our store,! Keep checking the blog for updates!