Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why Use Cloth

We started using cloth diapers when Morgan was about a month old. It took awhile for us to quit using a mix of disposables in addition to the cloth, but now I am proud to say that Morgan is a completely cloth girl except on extreme occasions (for instance, when our washer broke a few weeks ago and we had to go a few days without washing clothes). There are a number of reasons why we use cloth diapers, but the biggest two are saving money and saving the environment. I have been asked several times about the mess with cloth diapers. This post is meant to answer questions I have fielded about my experience with cloth. Let me tell you, it's a totally different experience than my mother's cloth diapers! Here are some good reasons to try cloth:

1) They are WAY DIFFERENT than the cloth diapers my mom used with me. There aren't any pins to hold them together, no leaky plastic pants, no soaking buckets for used diapers, and NO MORE MESS THAN DISPOSABLES! The only difference between disposables and cloth is what you do with the soiled diapers. Instead of throwing them in your diaper genie, you throw cloth ones in a diaper pail that is meant for the washing machine. Then you wash them and use them again, over and over. (I just use a standard trash can with a pail liner inside--FYI, Knickernappies doorknob diaper pails can also work to line a trash can.)

2) It saves A LOT of money! We figured we could save as much as $2000 per kid by using cloth diapers. In today's rough economy situation, everyone could use a little extra change in the bank.

3) It saves the environment. Did you know United States consumers throw away about 27.4 billion diapers per year, and each diaper will take at least 200-250 years to decompose?

4) They are CUTE! Cloth diapers today come in several brands with several colors. They look so adorable, you'll want to let your baby's diaper show every day!

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