Friday, October 22, 2010

Diaper Trials, Fitteds, and Flushable Liners!

We've gotten shipments in from Planet Wise and from AppleCheeks within the last few days. One new item of note is Flushable Liners! If you (or anyone you know) love the idea of using cloth diapers but don't want to deal with the poop, these flushable liners are just the solution for you! You lay these liners inside your reusable diaper, then when the baby poops just dump the liner and poop straight into the toilet and flush! No mess required! Each package comes with 100 liners, and another thing to note is that the liners can be washed and hung to dry if they are not soiled.
We added two additional items today as well: our diaper trial package and custom fitted flannel diapers.

Diaper Trial Package:
Here's how the trial works: You pay the rental fee + deposit, and then get to try the diapers and accessories risk-free for 3 weeks. After your trial period is done you can either return the diapers to us and be refunded your deposit, or keep the diapers and receive a $15 discount on them! (Please wash all diapers before returning them. Diapers must be returned clean and dry for a full refund on your deposit.)
Shipping to you is included in the cost of the trial, but return shipping fees are your responsibility.

Our Cloth Diaper Trial Package includes the following:

--5 diapers (a variety of the diapers we sell, such as One Size, Pocket, AIO, and Envelope diapers by bumGenius, Knickernappies, and AppleCheeks)
--5 inserts
--a medium Planet Wise wet bag
--samples of detergent, wipes solutions, rash cream or wipes
--information guide to cloth diapering

You can find them here:

Custom Fitted Flannel Diapers ($7.00-$10.00 depending on soaker type)
These fitted diapers are made with four layers of flannel and a heavy terrycloth or microfiber soaker pad sewn inside. We can create a custom diaper especially for your little one. You choose the color and the soaker material! (The colors and designs pictured give you an idea of the fabric we have, but we can get almost any color or design you request...your choices are in no way limited to what you see here!)

These diapers will require a waterproof cover. Plastic pants will do, or PUL covers like Thirsties, or Bummis Wraps will work fine. We do not have covers available at this time but hope to carry Thirsties covers in the very near future!

Because we are using new patterns to sew these diapers, we're offering them at a LOW price. In return, we hope that you would give us your feedback on the style, fit, absorbency, etc.

Please allow at least 2 weeks for us to sew and ship your custom diaper orders. Larger orders may take longer than 2 weeks to complete.

You can find them here:

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