Monday, August 9, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Use Cloth Diapers

Here are some of the best reasons to use cloth diapers for your baby. If you have more reasons, feel free to comment below! Also, if you have been "converted" to cloth, tell us your story!

10. They are CUTE! Cloth diapers can be very fashionable, coming in many colors and styles. (I put a few of my favorites below.) When I put my daughter in a dress, half of the fun is picking out the diaper to wear underneath!

9. They are harder for mischievous toddlers to take off!

8. These are not traditional cloth diapers. No pins involved! With Velcro, snaps, or Snappi fasteners, they are really easy to use.

7. You are being environmentally conscious. Using cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers saves trees and reduces waste in landfills.

6. Do YOU wear plastic/paper underwear every day? I know I would much rather have the soft fabrics that cloth diapers provide!

5. Did you know that cloth diapered babies usually potty-train sooner than babies who wear disposables?

4. They aren’t any messier than disposables!!! A lot of moms steer clear of cloth because of the mess, but today’s cloth diapers really don’t create more mess! The only difference between disposables and cloth is the place you put them when they’re soiled. Instead of the trash, toss them in a washable wetbag or pail liner until wash day. You do have to dump the poop into a toilet first, but did you know you are supposed to do that with disposables too? There is NO SOAKING, NO DUNKING involved with modern cloth diapers.

3. They are convenient and fun for Mom and baby! With all the different kinds of diapers, styles, and colors, you can pick the option that works best for your baby and lifestyle.

2. Did you know that the polyacrylate gel in diapers might possibly cause asthma? Also, chlorine is an ingredient used in making cloth diapers. Sure, this helps keep your baby’s skin dry, but it can also cause rashes and other problems. Do a google search or read this article, and you would be amazed at all the negative effects the use of disposable diapers may have.

1. You can save a lot of money! Using cloth diapers, you could save as much as $2000 per child! Check out or to estimate savings for your situation.

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