Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ideas for Expansion of Bum Covered Diapers

We are constantly trying to make products available that appeal to a majority of our customers' needs and requests. As we slowly expand, several ideas have come to our minds for "the next step." Because we've only been in business a short time, our capital is limited. Of the ideas below, we will only be able to implement one or two right away, and we really want to take your needs into consideration....and we can't read minds, so we would love to have your comments below! Tell us which ideas you like, and let us know what you need for your household.

Idea 1: Because we have such a limited inventory of the brands we carry, we could hold back on expansion and work to increase the supply of products we currently carry. If we already have every type of product you need, this idea will work wonderfully! We are already working on increasing inventory numbers, and we will continue to beef up our supply no matter which move we take in expansion. But if we don't add any new products, we can devote more resources to this effort.

Idea 2: We currently carry OneSize, AIO, and pocket diapers. We don't have any prefolds or fitted diapers, however. A few customers have requested that we add these products to our selection. The brand we most likely would add is Thirsties. I LOVE their wipes and use them every day, so I know you would also love them. I haven't used many fitteds, and I didn't try prefolds at all with baby number 1, so I can't vouch for their covers or diapers. I have seen excellent reviews for these products (especially Thirsties Duo) on other sites. If we add Thirsties, we would most likely add their products in October.

Idea 3: We carry bumGenius products, but we haven't gone so far as to carry Flip or Econobum products. We could stick with the wholesalers we currently have, and expand our Cotton Babies products to include these options. I have never used Flip or Econobum, so I would need to check out the reviews on these products first. We could have these as soon as September.

Idea 4: Because new cloth users are often skeptical, we are thinking about implementing a Diaper Trial system. Here's how it would work: you could purchase a diaper trial (cost of diapers plus trial fee) and try your diapers risk-free for a certain number of weeks. (I'll have to think about how long to let the trial go. Comments are welcome!) If you don't love them, send them back and get a refund for your deposit. You would just be out the trial fee (probably about $15). If you love them, you keep the diapers and are refunded the trial fee. The diaper trial would include several types of diapers and inserts. The problem with implementing this trial right away is that we don't currently carry fitteds and prefolds. We could go ahead and run with the types we have, or we could wait until our selection contains all types of diapers.

Other ideas? Suggestions? Please comment below!


  1. Really, all of the ideas are good ones.
    I have tried Econobum, and it is a good choice, especially for those who are on a tight budget to start. Fitteds can be great if little ones won't stay still long enough for prefolds.
    If you went with the trial option, i think at first you could stick with the products you already carry. If they want to try out other options, there are a ton of trials available and you can state that as soon as you carry a type of diaper, it would be added to the trial packages.
    I do think going with adding fitteds and prefolds (Thirsties in particular) could be a really good thing. I love the brand. Their AIO/pocket diapers are great. AS a company, they really give a lot of different options for a person to try out. I have a fitted, a cover, and one of their duo diapers. So, maybe you could think about idea 2. Either that or expand with Cotton Babies. I think those would be like your two best options. Sorry this is such a long comment and rambling. :)

  2. I think a Diaper Trial system is a great idea. I really like the flip but I'm not crazy about the econobum, I'd rather spend a little more money and get something that's heavier weight and will hold a folded prefold better.

    Fitteds with covers are actually my favorites for day time use. One size fitteds would be even better. Thirsties are probably my favorite covers as well.