Sunday, March 27, 2011

New at Bum Covered Diapers: Featured WAHM products

Are you a WAHM that lives in the United States and runs a small business?  Are you looking for more places to sell your handmade or handsewn baby and toddler products? If I've peaked your interest, keep reading to find out how we might help you!

As our business and facebook fan base has grown, I have had the pleasure of seeing some excellent products sold by other WAHM's like myself.  Because I am a full-time graduate student with another part-time job outside of the diaper business I have little time left for sewing or crafting.  However, I would love to offer more variety of handmade products like wool dryer balls, longies and covers, baby clothes, doll clothes and toys  to our customers.  The solution I have come up with will hopefully satisfy myself, customers, and other retailers.

I have decided to open another product category listing on our web store entitled "Featured Handmade WAHM Items."  Products in this category will be listed for only a limited time and will offer special sales for the customers at Bum Covered Diapers.  Small WAHM retailers will be able to apply to feature their products for 1-2 months in this category.  There will be no fee to retailers for listing items in this category.  All I ask is that you offer the items at a discount to our customers and that you take care of shipping your items.  

Are you interested in being featured?  Do you have questions?  Send me an email at to apply or to get more information.   

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