Friday, February 4, 2011

The Cloth Diaper Foundation: Helping to Keep Babies' Bums Covered!

This month Bum Covered Diapers is donating 10% of every sale to the Cloth Diaper Foundation, so we thought it would be very fitting to feature this amazing organization!  

Run by a small board of directors, this nonprofit organization is "dedicated to helping qualifying families all over the continental United States get a jump start on cloth diapering."  This foundation provides much needed help as families try to build a diaper stash. 

 To be able to assist in this manner, the Cloth Diaper Foundation accepts monetary donations as well as cloth diapers, inserts, and other accessories.  Here is a list of items this foundation will accept:
  • Stained Diapers :)
  • AIO/AI2/Pocket/Fitted/Contour/Prefold/Flat/Etc. Diapers
  • Cloth Trainers (not Gerber or plastic pant trainers)
  • Inserts/Doublers/Liners
  • PUL/Fleece/Wool/Nylon (higher quality)  Covers
  • Wipes/Wetbags/Pail Liners/Wool Wash/Lanolin/Wipe Solution
  • Diaper/Cover Making Fabrics – PUL/Fleece/Hemp/Cotton/Etc.
  • Diaper Notions – Snaps/Aplix/Elastic/FOE/Size Tags
And here is a list of items NOT ACCEPTABLE for donation:
  • Gerber Prefolds (polyfil soakers)
  • Plastic/Rubber/Vinyl pants
  • Gerber (or other) Padded Training Underwear
  • Disposable items
  • Diapers in need of major repair (snap replacements are ok)
  • Diapers on their last leg
The Cloth Diaper Foundation has a website ( with a wealth of information available about donations and applications for assistance.  This website also provides tutorials for sewing your own diapers and covers! 

 This website also contains information about cloth diapering, recipient reviews, FAQs, Fundraisers & Sales, and Giveaways.  For those of you with facebook accounts, the Cloth Diaper Foundation has a facebook page as well:

If you are a mama in need of diapers, or if you need to find a new home for used diapers, we encourage you to contact the staff at the Cloth Diaper Foundation!  Let us all do our part to keep those baby bums covered!

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