Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A GREEN Resolution

How to make a GREEN New Year’s Resolution

As the year 2011 approached, I found myself wondering what resolution I could make for the new year.  If you are like myself, this is a time to make (and break!) New Year’s resolutions.  Here are the top five resolutions I found with a quick Google search:  

1.      Spend more time with friends and family.
2.      Fit in fitness.
3.      Tame the bulge. 
4.      Quit smoking.
5.      Enjoy life more.

Most years I make resolutions that are difficult to achieve, and I have limited success keeping the resolutions I make.  This year I challenge myself and all of you to make a different (and hopefully more attainable) goal for 2011:  to move toward a more GREEN lifestyle.  Many of you have probably already taken some steps toward being eco-friendly, but there are probably even more things you could do.  Here are a few ideas to help us all make a GREEN New Year’s Resolution:
  1. If you’re not already using cloth diapers with your little one, now is a great time to start!  See my blog, http://bumcovereddiapers.blogspot.com or my web store, www.bumcovereddiapers.com to find information and products to help you get started. 
  2. Help the environment by using reusable cloth bags at the grocery stores instead of plastic bags.  If you do use plastic bags, re-use them or recycle them instead of throwing them away.  Did you know Hy-Vee gives you 5 cents back for every reusable bag you use for your purchases?  (If this store is not in your area, check to see if your local grocery stores offer this discount.)
  3. Eliminate paper and plastic waste where you can.  Have you thought of using real napkins instead of paper?  Or using a container for sandwiches instead of a Ziploc bag when you pack your lunch?  Also, reusable snack bags are now available at many retailers.  I just bought one today from RG Natural Babies online. 
  4. Set your heat a few degrees cooler and your air a few degrees warmer to conserve energy. 
  5. Replace your old light bulbs with high-efficiency bulbs, and turn off anything that doesn’t need to be on.
  6. See if your energy company will do an energy audit on your house to give you ideas for making your home more efficient. 

I hope these tips are helpful to some of you, and that you all have a great year!


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